Wall Street baron Bruce Wasserstein and members of the Lazard family of companies are taking advantage of our nation's seniors. Thousands of our seniors are moving into assisted and senior living facilities, and that makes these types of facilities a very attractive investment. They charge seniors thousands of dollars a month, promising safety and services.

But in many cases, Wall Street powerbrokers are ripping off some of the most vulnerable among us.

Through a complicated corporate structure, Bruce Wasserstein and the same group of insiders that control Lazard Ltd. also control Lazard Real Estate Partners, the company that controls the fund that owns Atria Senior Living, one of the nation's largest assisted living providers.

Atria has a trackrecord of medication errors, short staffing, and skyrocketing rents. And Atria also has a history of short-changing low-wage, predominantly minority workers.

Help us send a message to Bruce Wasserstein. Let's tell him it's time to take responsibility for Atria Senior Living. It's time to FIX ATRIA NOW!

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