Jeff Faux
Jeff Faux is the principal founder of the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) of Washington, D.C. He was President of EPI from 1985 until August 2002, when he became the Institute’s first Distinguished Fellow in order to devote more time to his research and writing. Under his leadership, EPI, became America’s leading research organization on the economic conditions of workers and their families, with a global reputation for high-quality work and innovative ideas.

Mr. Faux’s newest book is The Global Class War, (John Wiley & Sons. 2006). A Spanish language translation will be published in early 2008 by La Universidad del la Ciudad de Mexico. He is also the author of The Party's Not Over: A New Vision for the Democrats (Basic Books), co-author of Rebuilding America (Pantheon), author of New Hope for the Inner City (Twentieth Century Fund), co-author of The Star-Spangled Hustle (Doubleday), and co-editor of Reclaiming Prosperity: A Blueprint for Progressive Economic Reform (M.E.Sharpe). His next book will be about America in the 2020’s.

Mr. Faux’s articles have appeared in a large number of magazines, newspapers and anthologies. He has been interviewed on television and radio many times in the US and abroad..

Among other honors, he received a Carnegie Scholar Award from the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Weinberg Award from Wayne State University, a fellowship at the Institute of Politics at Harvard, and an honorary doctorate from the University of New England.

Mr. Faux has researched, written, and lectured on a wide variety of subjects from the global economy to neighborhood community development, from fiscal and budget policy to trade and the economics of public investment. He has consulted with governments at all levels, labor unions, business, community, and citizen organizations. He sits on the boards of directors of several national institutions and two national magazines, and had a presidential appointment to the National Advisory Council on Economic Opportunity. He is also founder and steering committee member of the Global Policy Network – an international group of “think-tanks.”

Mr. Faux has worked as an economist with the U.S. Office of Economic Opportunity and the U.S. Departments of State, Commerce, and Labor. He has been a member of five different trade unions and has management experience in the finance industry. He has been a small-business man, a blueberry farmer, and a member of a municipal planning board in the state of Maine.

He has lectured throughout the United States, North and South America Europe and Asia.

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