Have It Your Way with Goldman Sachs
Here's your chance to tell Goldman Sachs your most creative, constructive, or comical ideas to curb corporate greed and help fix the financial crisis. We will send all the ideas to Goldman Sachs as a reprimand for their reckless spending. The winning idea will be featured in our next video and we will give you credit. Tell us your idea, or check some already submitted below.
Some of your ideas..
"Perhaps the fat cats should work at Burger King for a year or so, and see if they can survive."

"Goldman Sachs' execs should dress up like 18th c. French Aristocracy, thus inspiring a redux of Bastille Day."

"Goldman Sachs could have used that money to provide affordable health care for its employees and Burger King's."

"They could have spent their bailout billions on improving safety conditions at Burger King, and probably still had enough to buy everyone in the country a whopper!"

"The Wall Street firm could have improved Burger King's overall food quality to make it healthier for everyone."

"Leadership and top managers at GS should be given 'equitable' disciplinary action, in the form of service to society, such as working in hospitals, hospice centers and assisted care facilities and tending to the physical, comfort needs of the sick and the elderly."

"Be sure to publicly identify every one of GS management's worst offenders. Remove their corporate disguise and expose them as the unpatriotic thieves and liars they are. Show the nation and the world their names and faces. Embarrass them, investigate them, prosecute them and convict them."

"They should have CUT top executives salaries, eliminated bonuses, and used that money plus what they received from our tax dollars to increase salaries at the lowest levels of their work force and to provide better working conditions and health benefits for those workers, who really need it."

"Since I haven't had a vacation in years, you shouldn't either. Your week(s) off should be spent volunteering to clean up cages in an animal shelter and/or picking trash from a highway and/or and/or building homes for Habitat for Humanity and/or being a personal valet/servant for one lucky employee or customer chosen at random."

"Give the bonus money in Burger King gift certificates.""Force the greedy CEO's of Goldman Sachs to return the bailout money and place a cap on their wages to no more than $14,000.00 per year."

"My idea to fight corporate greed and economic collapse is that we all GO VEGAN and cut the flow of Goldman Sachs' Murder King blood money."

"All Bank execs at institutions that take TARP money should get paid minimum wage and have to wear paper hats until they pay back the taxpayers. They'll get a real sense of how millions of Americans actually live, they'll be 'incentivized' to fix the problems and, bonus!, they'll learn how to make really tasty fries."

"Each member of the Goldman Sachs financial staff who received a bonus must pay TWICE the full amount of the bonus back to the taxpayers."

"Every high-level employee, including CEO, CFO, CCO and every other C should work behind the counter of a Burger King for at least a year, to get the experience of working instead of visiting an office, lunching and maybe laying a game of handball or golf. Of course some of the executives should be prosecuted for their role in destroying the economy."

"To remove the threat of corporate misbehavior in the future, I would advocate trying corporations as individuals and limit their legal counsel to public defenders as opposed to sneaky high-priced lawyers."

"Bring back the French Revolution.. bring out guillotine and let their helds roll down Wall Street!"

"Open all financial data to public; that means complete accounting of all income, expenses, salaries paid, taxes paid, investments made and costs of all mergers plus legal fees. I suggest that if the law has been broken, Goldman Sachs should be held accountable, both for reimbursement of those cheated plus willingmess to serve jail time as defined by the courts."

"I would suggest making the Sachs & Goldman CEO and other top executives including who ever it was that received the bonuses, stand in Times Square wearing their best suits and wearing advertizing boards front & back with the their company, salary, bonuses and how much congress gave them of taxpayers money. They should have to do this for a full week (7 days) from 9 a.m to 5:00 p.m. walking single file with a half hour for lunch."

"I have no idea on how to censure capitalist greed except by making capitalists accountable to the common good."

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