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What would you do with an extra
$18,000 in your pocket?
That's the amount of extra cash each and every Burger King employee in America would have received last year if Goldman Sachs (one of the fast-food chain's largest owners) had shared its bailout billions with rank-and-file workers. Instead, Goldman Sachs squandered 6.5 billion of our taxpayer dollars on bonuses for their financial staff. These were some of the highest bonuses on Wall Street! Meanwhile, Burger King workers earn wages averaging just $14,000 a year -- well below the federal poverty line for a family of three.
Goldman Sachs has been having it their way with Burger King workers for too long. It's high time you had it your way with Goldman Sachs. Together with SEIU we are pushing back against Wall Street excess, and there are several ways we can make our voices heard. Don't miss the contest and poll below.
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Have It Your Way with Goldman Sachs
Here's your chance to tell Goldman Sachs your most creative, constructive, or comical ideas to curb corporate greed and help fix the financial crisis. We will send all the ideas to Goldman Sachs as a reprimand for their reckless spending. The winning idea will be featured in our next video and we will give you credit.
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Thanks to everyone who participated!
Some of your ideas..
"Perhaps the fat cats should work at Burger King for a year or so, and see if they can survive."

"Goldman Sachs' execs should dress up like 18th c. French Aristocracy, thus inspiring a redux of Bastille Day."

"Goldman Sachs could have used that money to provide affordable health care for its employees and Burger King's."

"They could have spent their bailout billions on improving safety conditions at Burger King, and probably still had enough to buy everyone in the country a whopper!"

"The Wall Street firm could have improved Burger King's overall food quality to make it healthier for everyone."

"Leadership and top managers at GS should be given 'equitable' disciplinary action, in the form of service to society, such as working in hospitals, hospice centers and assisted care facilities and tending to the physical, comfort needs of the sick and the elderly."
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